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Our Staff

Our staff members are a dedicated and valuable team players, contributing their skills and expertise to our facility’s success!


Personal Trainer

Hello, my name is Axa Pickering and I am a personal trainer certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). My focus is hypertrophy and strength based training via a hybrid of powerlifting and bodybuilding elements.

I work with a broad range of clients with diverse goals, whether you are looking for body recomposition, increased muscle mass, or improved bone density. I use tried and true methods, emphasizing the importance of understanding foundational principles as well as the value of patience and consistency.

Personal Trainer
Isaiah, ACE CPT

Trainer Isaiah ACE CPT

Meet Isaiah, the driving force behind your fitness transformation at Innovative Health. With his ACE Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) credentials and a BS in Exercise Science from Eastern Washington University, Isaiah brings his passion for holistic wellness and fitness to every single individual and group training session he leads.


But Isaiah’s talents extend beyond the gym. As an avid athlete himself, Isaiah took the field as a college football player and has excelled in sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, and track. Beyond his athleticism, Isaiah is also a Sunfired raw vegan chef, enabling him to fuel his workouts by creating delicious and nutrient-dense meals that nourish the body.

Personal Trainer
Mercedes, ACE CPT

Trainer Mercedes ACE CPT

Say hi to Mercedes, the latest addition to join our IH personal training team. In addition to being an ACE-certified personal trainer, Mercedes is also a 9-year bodybuilding professional and nutritionist. Her holistic approach to health and fitness embodies the true spirit of transformation. She not only refines physiques but also fuels them with her expertly crafted meal plans.


Mercedes’ magic lies in her ability to channel discipline and consistency and merge it with proven fitness strategies and techniques, guiding her clients toward their next level of physical wellness and well-being. Get ready to embark on an incredible fitness voyage with Mercedes, where goals become achievements and discipline becomes a way of life.

Yoga instructor
Alicia, E-RYT 200

Yoga instructor Alicia doing a side pose

Alicia, our skilled and vibrant yoga instructor, infuses her yoga classes with care and attention – ensuring each class is both calming and challenging, and is suitable for all students, regardless of their experience with yoga. 


Alicia has 5 years of experience managing and working within yoga studios and has completed two 200-hour yoga teacher trainings. The first took her all the way to the mesmerizing Ko Samui in Thailand, while the second happened right here in Seattle, focusing on the captivating Anatomy of Movement. She is also training in trauma-informed yoga, expanding her expertise even further. Her goal is to help you cultivate your yoga practice while guiding you on a transformative journey of movement and meditation.

Massage Therapists

Manager + Massage Therapist
Rilla, LMT

Massage Therapist Rilla

Rilla, our exceptional gym and massage manager, brings over 10 years of experience in clinical, relaxation, and athlete-focused massage therapy to our facility. After graduating from Discovery Point School of Massage, Rilla honed her massage skills at some of the top clinics in Seattle before moving into management at Innovative Health.

She is passionate about supporting our gym members and massage clients on their journey to improved well-being. Knowing how important one’s environment and atmosphere are to overall health and balance, she strives to create an environment that promotes knowledge about health and fitness – empowering individuals to take charge of their own wellness. Rilla enjoys gaming, sleep, cats, food, and exploring new places in her free time.

Marketing + Massage Therapist

Introducing Brian, our behind-the-scenes website and marketing specialist and massage therapist! Brian graduated from Cortiva Institute for therapeutic massage in 2012 and worked as a lead massage therapist at two top-rated clinics in the Greater Seattle area before starting his own massage private practice in 2015. 


In 2018, Brian studied web development at Coding Dojo. After which he worked as the lead web developer at a local Seattle startup for a couple of years before going solo to freelance as a web designer and SEO consultant. He now joins the Innovative Health team as our in-house web and marketing expert and massage therapist.

Massage Therapist
Erica, LMT

Say hello to Erica, our talented massage therapist! Erica started honing her massage skills after graduating from Discovery Point School of Massage in 2019. She found her flow specializing in working with athletes – helping them achieve their fitness goals and conquer events like marathons and powerlifting competitions through her goal-oriented massage treatments and precision techniques.

Erica’s expertise also extends to treating whiplash, migraines, and neck injuries using myofascial and neuromuscular techniques. Beyond her healing hands, Erica is an avid rock climber and boulderer, embracing the great outdoors with enthusiasm. So whether you’re looking for deep relaxation or specific athletic or injury treatment work, you’ll be in good hands with Erica!

Massage Therapist
Amie, LMT

Amie, LMT staff picture

Amie is a proud Pacific Northwest native and a graduate of the Cortiva Massage Institute. She became a massage therapist to help others achieve better whole-body wellness. Amie brings her bodywork expertise to Innovative Health and enjoys working one-on-one with clients to relieve pain, tension, and inflammation while helping to restore the body to its naturally functioning state.

With her experience in clinical treatment and restorative and preventative bodywork, Amie collaborates with clients to plan personalized and results-oriented sessions. Her goal is to provide therapeutic bodywork tailored to individual client needs and satisfaction through the application of techniques and modalities like Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish/Relaxation, Trigger Point Release, Sports Therapy, Medical, Lymphatic Drainage,  Prenatal Massage, Cupping and Gua Sha.

Massage Therapist
Tascha, LMT

Female Team Placeholder Avatar

Tascha is an integral member of the Innovative Health massage team. With a genuine passion for supporting individuals on their fitness, wellness, or recovery journeys, Tascha is dedicated to helping clients achieve their optimal well-being through her intuitive bodywork. As an expert in neck and back injuries, her skillful treatment work brings profound levels of relief at every stage of the healing process.

Massage Therapist
Amanda, LMT

Massage therapist Amanda

Amanda joins Innovative Health’s massage team with a remarkable 16 years of massage therapy experience. Amanda’s interest and connection to the human body started by helping her mother study through medical school to become a Surgical Tech. While her path initially led her toward Physical Therapy, her true calling unfolded when she attended California Healing Arts College in Los Angeles. Here, she attended a massage program co-created and taught by Chiropractors, blending Eastern and Western approaches, and instilling the belief that different treatments suit different individuals.


Amanda takes an integrated yet balanced approach to massage therapy and utilizes a diverse range of techniques to customize each session to the unique needs of her clients. From the intense precision of Deep Tissue and Sports Massage to the relaxing flow of Swedish and Shiatsu, Amanda is a versatile therapist who’s always expanding her massage skillset.

Massage Therapist
Sharon, LMT

Female Staff Avatar

Sharon brings a unique perspective and expertise to Innovative Health. With a strong background in visceral manipulation, Sharon focuses on addressing the complex, interconnectedness of the musculoskeletal system and the visceral system.


She’s blends relaxation, deep tissue, and visceral manipulation techniques to bring relief to a wide range of aches and pains. She supports her clients even further by recommending highly efficient self-care techniques that they can use to enhance and extend the benefits of massage, especially when between sessions.



Introducing Kevin, the owner and dynamic force behind Innovative Health. With a professional background in chiropractic and rehabilitation exercises, Kevin brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to our fitness community. He is committed to helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals in the most effective and enjoyable way possible.

Now, after 15+ years of entrepreneurship and several successful businesses under his belt, he’s putting his expertise to work by pushing the realms of health and fitness. He is propelling Innovative Health into a new era of hybrid fitness and wellness by spearheading our expansion into the cutting-edge hyper wellness space. Services like red light therapy, lymphatic drainage compression pants, cold lasers therapy, and infrared sauna with chromotherapy are just a few of the new additions to our Innovative Health arsenal. Keep your eyes out for more dynamic changes and life-enhancing additions to our services and facility!

Front Desk

Front desk Mimi
Meet Mimi, our incredible front desk superstar! With a work history that speaks volumes of her administrative prowess, Mimi keeps our operations running smoothly. Armed with her background in medical administration from Pima Medical Institue (PMI), she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Whether she’s warmly greeting guests or ensuring everything is organized behind the scenes, Mimi helps keep our team foundation strong and efficient.

Outside of work, you’ll find her savoring delicious Chinese food or whipping up some amazing home-cooked meals as she works diligently towards her goal of mastering medical billing.

Front Desk

Female Team Placeholder Avatar

Keeping our facility and processes clean and optimized, Alyn coordinates with all staff throughout Innovative Health to ensure our members have the best experience possible.


Whether it’s putting member feedback to action, helping maintain gym equipment, scheduling Wellness Services, or just answering member questions, Alyn is always there to help and support you. 


Ryan, a sophomore at Garfield High School, helps hold down the fort here through providing stellar support for our gym members and keeping our gym facility clean and well-maintained. Over the last year and a half, Ryan has developed incredible strength and functional fitness through his powerbuilding practice, leaving us in awe of his impressive progress.

When it comes to fueling his workouts, Ryan knows how to indulge in some delicious, muscle-building treats. Whether it’s getting his hands on a good burger, or savoring a dish of mac and cheese, he knows the importance of satisfying his taste buds while maintaining his active lifestyle.


Female Staff Avatar

Nasra is here to support you with your scheduling and membership needs. With her  calm and collected demeanor, she’ll happily answer any facility or membership questions you may have, get you scheduled for a super relaxing or hyper-effective treatment massage, or help you figure out the best Wellness Service for you to use your Wellness Credits on based on your goals and preferences.